For the long and not so very long hair, our talented hair braiders can produce a masterpiece for any occasion.

From weddings and proms to a blind date or a day at the faire braids are appropriate for any event. 

Tresses Entwined offers a unique alternative to hairdryers and curlers. Unlike modern styling practices Tresses Entwined makes use of the natural beauty of your hair. 

Did you know that putting your hair in braids actually increases hair growth and decreases split ends? This is the only hair style that will not upset your locks.

Braiding styles can be used in many ways--to frame your face, to highlight certain features, to accent an outfit, to add that special touch to your day, or just to get it off your face.

Tresses Entwined is located throughout Northern California and parts of Nevada. Whatever your occasion and Wherever it is chances are we can

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Brenda the Braider: brendathebraider.com

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