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Top Ten Reasons To Have Us Braid Your Hair

10. Convenience, Quality, and Personalized care.

9. Less stress on you, no concerns about doing your hair.

8. Save time & $$$....esp. with multiple braid discount.

7. Doesn't get any easier to prepare for special occasions...We come to you!

6. No obnoxious hard to deal with fumes of a hair salon.

5. Individualized styles for any fashion

4. No waiting for your turn in a salon.

3. The braids can last up to three days

2. You Always get personal, professional, and customizable service.

And the Number ONE reason: 

1. Don't have to fight California traffic and its new state flower -

                      The Construction Cone!

About Us:

Okay, so here’s the deal. Renaissance Faires like to recreate sixteenth century lifestyles. You know, kilts and turkey drumsticks, sword fights and hairstyles.

Yeah, hairstyles. Braiding is an ancient form of hairstyle. Greek and African statues illustrate the intricate levels of braiding, and the style perpetuates itself throughout Elizabethan, Victorian and Modern eras. Since most folks don’t know how to do, say, a five strand French, they pay nimble little fingers to handle the workload for them.

We have been at the Northern Renaissance Faire for over 20 years, during which time we have recreated the styles forgotten by modern crew cuts and spiral perms. We can now be found at The Great Dicken's Fair at the Cow Palace in San Francisdco, various Northern California Renaissance Faires, Scandinavian events and Celtic/Scottish events.

Now, a brief note on Lynn. She is a business manager as well as a beginning braider. She can be contacted for events, faires, or special parties. To liven up your tressed life and contact a braider in your area contact Lynn. Don't be alarmed by the man's name in the email address, she reads it first.

That’s it. May your locks grow long and flea free.